Manufacturing and Shipping

Manufacturing and Shipping

Manufacturing & Shipping

* Manufacturing

Tired of ordering something online and waiting for weeks to hear something back? So are we. Therefore, immediately after you complete your purchase at China Latex Magic, your order is sent to our production facility, manufactured, and packaged with great care. All of our items are custom-made at the time of order, either from our standard sizing charts or our made-to-order option.

Generally you can expect 4-6 weeks for a made-to-order item as the time it takes to draw out and cut your exact size is far longer and requires good quality assurance (“QA”) on our part to make sure it fits.We will send you lots of emails along the way.  Typically you should get the following emails:


  • an acknowledgement of your order
  • a statement of when your order moves to manufacturing
  • a statement of when we’ve cut and glued your item(s)
  • a statement when we’ve done any finish work that you’ve requested
  • a statement of when we’ve completed the item(s) and they’ve passed QA
  • a statement indicating when your order has shipped.

* Shipping

We provide worldwide shipping service. To protect your privacy, all of your latex purchases are being shipped in discreet packaging. On the packaging is no discernible indication regarding the content. Our dispatching agent is just as discreet, any latex related content will not be visible.

We have several shipping options which are based on the weight of your order; as always no matter which is chosen we ship as plain as possible in packaging.

  1. DHL or FedEx or 4PX:  Our preferred method,  3-5 days is the typical delivery time world-wide.   We adjust our rates with DHL/FedEx in order to achieve the best value for you.  These companies set the charges for shipping to you – not us.  Typically they range from 10 USD basic charge and then it goes up a little per KG shipped.
  2. China Post: Slow, takes sometimes 7-14 weeks to most of the Americas and European countries.  We can still give you a tracking number with this option, but it’s sometimes a bit odd in its response once the order is handed off  to the domestic Chinese postal services.
  3. Bulk-Ship: We may have an order heading out to a distributer, in which case, we will contact you if your order could be packaged along with others.  This is the least expensive method, but it’s a bit unpredictable.  If we can fit you in (no pun intended), we will contact you and ask your permission, and if you agree, we will promptly refund the difference in shipping costs back to you.

Calculating your shipping rate

Because there are so many variables in generating a basic shipping quote, we recommend that you place a mock order to get the most accurate pricing estimate. You need not make any purchase to do so.

You can generate your own price quote by adding the items you are considering for purchase to your shopping cart. If this is your first time using the our system checkout, you may be asked to create a account, add a shipping and billing address and enter basic payment information (in order to proceed on to the page with the shipping estimates. Rest assured that you will not be charged unless you proceed all the way through to the completion of your order and completion of the Order Confirmation page).

Once you have entered the requested information needed to provide the estimate, the various available shipping options and relative pricing will be displayed. This page will also reflect an overall price for the order, including product, tax (if applicable) and shipping**.

**Please note that both product & shipping prices are subject to change. Quotes generated using the method noted above are only valid for the browser session during which they are generated. Prices displayed during previous sessions will not be honored.

Also, and we can’t stress this enough:  Our cart does not reflect customs duties for internationally bound packages. You will most likely need to pay customs duties when the goods arrive at the local customs. For more information on import taxes, please contact your local customs office.  We ship using the codes for “Rubber and latex costumes for use in the fashion industry”, however, some countries do not recognize this level of detail.  If so, generic latex clothing may be more applicable.  As always, your customs offices will be much more versed in this than we will ever be.


If you have a question about shipping please feel free to contact us

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