There have been wardrobe malfunctions in outfits made of latex, leather, metal, and pretty much any material you can name. They have happened to performers on stage, across red carpets, on local television news weather broadcasts, and even when a celebrity has been exiting a limo. They have happened to singers, sports stars, politicians, “in the rain, on a train, in a house” (to paraphrase one of the greatest writers of all time), and they have happened to Hollywood royalty as much as to you and me. It’s just that when they happen to you and me, it mostly goes unnoticed to the world at large.

(Here’s an updated list, as of 2021, of celeb wardrobe malfunctions, collected from radaronline.com if you care to have a peek.)

The latest wardrobe malfunction to make the news happened with a decided costume, not with some celebrity wearing a high-end haute couture outfit or even a latex stage costume. One of the singing-covered contestant’s masks came off on The Masked Singer‘s season seven premiere show. Contestant “McTerrier” ended his performance thanking judges Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg (McCarthy-Wahlberg herself suffered a wardrobe malfunction in a Valentino gown at the 1997 Oscars) then turned, stumbled, and suffered his mask falling off completely.

On a show built around the premise that contestants stay ‘masked’ until they lose and then are requested to reveal who they are, this wardrobe malfunction (even if it could technically be called that) is big news. Luckily, McTerrier, who, according to the show’s press is a “fluffy white dog dressed in a Scottish outfit. They are wearing a kilt, and a pouch,” recovered, turning away and ducking his head, hiding enough from the panel that they did not see who he was…as his head lay net to him.

Along with McTerrier, who is considered part of the show’s ‘good group’ this time around, audiences will meet “Prince,” “Firefly,” “Armadillo,” and “Ringmaster,” to name a few. We all just have to hope no one else loses their head during season 7.

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