Dramatic High-Necked Leotard

Dramatic High-Necked Leotard

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Introducing our striking high-necked leotard, designed to make a dramatic statement. This meticulously handmade garment features a low leg and tight long sleeves, creating a sleek and captivating silhouette.

One of the standout features of this leotard is its contrast suspender strap detailing, which adds an eye-catching element to the overall design. The straps, adorned with D-Rings for added effect, run along the front, back, and down the sleeves, enhancing the garment’s unique appeal.

For convenience and ease of wear, a concealed two-way front zip runs from the front of the neck down to under the crotch, ending just below the small of the back. This functional zip allows for effortless dressing and undressing while maintaining the leotard’s sleek and seamless appearance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this garment is designed using fully fitted tailored patterns, ensuring a flawless and comfortable fit. Additionally, bespoke options are available, allowing for a personalized and customized experience.

Made with the utmost care and precision, this leotard is 100% designed and handmade. The use of high-quality materials, including latex with a thickness of 0.45mm, ensures both durability and a luxurious feel against the skin.

Please note that accessories are not included, allowing you the freedom to personalize your look according to your preferences.

Embrace the allure and boldness of our dramatic high-necked leotard, a true embodiment of exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive style.

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