Take you to explore the latex world in depth-Origins and what piques your interest
Take you to explore the latex world in depth-Origins and what piques your interest

Take you to explore the latex world in depth-Origins and what piques your interest

You know, I think I’m a lot like you. I discovered my latex fetish in my teenage years, originally from pictures of latex raincoats that appeared in books and magazines. My entire teenage years have been fantasizing about women in shiny clothes or jerking off myself in a latex raincoat. I bought my first latex gear when I was in my twenties, a pair of latex panties, and I’m ashamed of it, because a little latex can arouse my irrepressible desires.

I’ve been fantasizing about what it would be like to wear latex or how cool it would be to OOXX with someone in latex, but because I didn’t have the guts to tell my girlfriend what I was passionate about, I ended up in a A very “normal” marriage. I’ve tried giving the other person some hints, but I’ve found that I can’t find the right words to describe how I feel. As a result, I was unable to do anything for my hobbies out of fear of being rejected by my wife and family or seen as a weirdo, and I kept denying what I really thought and had no one to talk to. I tried not to think about these things to keep the thoughts away from me, and even threw away all my latex gear twice. I was trapped deep in the closet, and for that, I was sullen.

All I want is to live in a world where I don’t have to worry about my latex fetishes, to explore my preferences, and to be a part of the latex community. I dream of going to fetish parties in the past, surrounded by people who are similar to me and understand me, and of course, like everyone, I also dream of having a significant other that I can play with. So, I started looking for a solution. My explorations took me to the online world and I became a regular in every latex forum and chat room. I’ve chatted with many people around the world who are in or have been in the exact same predicament as me, which has made me think more and more about my situation, like what a latex fetish means to me and making myself find What it takes to be happy, I realize I have to get out of the closet and find my way. It’s not as simple as it sounds, in fact it’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I still do it, and it’s probably the most useful thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Over the next few years, I tried to get my wife to accept latex. I tried everything from negotiation to counseling to ultimatums. At the same time, I embarked on a journey to explore latex circles. I learned how to dress, where to party and meet interesting people. Soon I started a double life, maintaining my daily image while living in the world of fetishes.

In the end, this life exhausted me, and I couldn’t stand having to hide everything about myself every time I came home from an adventure in the world of fetishes. Over the years I have tried to find ways to combine fetishes with my marital relationship, but finally I realized that I would never find true happiness without devoting myself to the world of fetishes. I don’t mean that trying to change your spouse is futile, it just doesn’t work for me. So, I left my old life and went to my new life – the latex life!

Today, latex life is a natural part of me and represents who I am. I am married to a lovely woman, Latex Kitty, who has a fetish for me and shares my latex love. We enjoy a little kinky private life and love to explore and try new things. Our home is decorated with latex furniture and fetish art, we host latex parties ourselves and are regulars at local clubs, love to travel together to big fetish parties and make latex-loving friends from all over the world. Living in the world of latex fetishes to such an extent was something I would never have imagined, so naturally, I became a happy person.

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