Why I love latex clothes so much.
Why I love latex clothes so much.

Why I love latex clothes so much.

Unlike rope, latex clothing is the restraint of every inch of skin on the body, as long as you want, no nostrils will be left for you.

And latex is a material with poor air permeability and high sealing, and the sense of restraint it achieves is absolutely unparalleled.

Like latex clothing, not only psychological comfort, but also a kind of spiritual release, not necessarily only sm wear

No one can resist the smooth touch of latex tights. Natural latex seems to have a special tacit understanding with sex.

So having sex in latex clothing has become a hobby. One of the important reasons why latex tight and shiny fabrics are fascinated by people is that whether you wear latex clothing directly or spray it directly on your body, it will stick tightly to your skin. , creating a “second skin” effect.

Wrapped in latex still gives the illusion of being naked and even the smell of latex rubber is fascinated.

Wet suits, gas masks, splash suits, raincoats, tape, boots, latex panties, these have all become standard in life.
Latex is not just a hobby, but a way of life, latex has become a natural part of life like air and things. When many people ask about latex as a way of life, they see me staring at me in latex from head to toe. I don’t blame everyone for this reaction.

I did the same a few years ago when I initially approached other older latex fetish fellows. But, now in my own life, latex is a part of my life. It helps me tell myself who I really am?

I’m a fetish person and I deserve my love for me.

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