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Custom Order

If you wish to order the products per your measurements, we suggest you to fill in a form below, in future we will be able to find your measurements by your name or e-mail indicated in the form earlier. You can fill in the form several times for different people by specifying only one registered e-mail, but changing the fields first name and last name (for yourself, your partner, etc).


    1. Head size (cm):(The circumference of the head from the forehead over back of the head)2. Neck size (cm):(The circumference of the middle part of the neck)3. Full torso size (cm):(Measure a complete circle from top of shoulder, down to the bottom of the crotch then back up to the same point at the top of the shoulder.)4. Bust size (cm):(The circumference of the chest area, the widest part)5. Waist size (cm):(Circumference at the narrowest point of the waist)6. Hips size (cm):(Circle in the area of the hipbone, the widest part around the butt)7. Thigh size (cm):(The circumference of the leg at the top of)8. Knee size (cm):(The circumference of the leg at the knee)9. Calf size (cm):(The circumference of the leg near the gastrocnemius muscle)10. Ankle size (cm):(The circumference of the leg in the shin area)11. Shoulder size (cm):(From the base of the neck to the shoulder edge)12. Upper arm size (cm):(The circumference of the hand in the area of the biceps)13. Elbow size (cm):(The circumference of the elbow)14. Wrist size (cm):(The circumference of the wrist)15. Palm size (cm):(The circumference of the hand without the thumb)16. Arm length to wrist (cm):(From the edge of the shoulder to the wrist)17. Arm length to tip of middle finger (cm):(From the shoulder edge to the tip of the middle finger)18. Step measured by ankle (cm):(From the inside, from the crotch to the ankle)19. Step measured to base (cm):(From the inside, from crotch to heel)20. Leg length from waist to base (cm):(On the outer side of the leg, from the waist to the heel)21. Your height (cm):(Your height (linear))22. Foot length (cm):(From heel to the end of great toe)23. Breast height (cm):(From the base of the neck to the nipple)24. Girth under the breast (cm):(Circumference under breasts)

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